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dot cocoa gin

Cocoa Gin 1528

It all starts with the art of distilling. The gin has been carefully crafted in El Puerto de Santa Maria by Cacao Pico since 1824. They’re a leader in the delicate trade of distilling cacao. It is distilled five times, and infused with exotic spices and citrus. This is a real gem.

dot zymurgorium


These super inventive Manchester distillers and liquor makers of are named after an ancient Greek mythological figure. Their sweet Violet Gin liquor is perfect in an Aviation, and it’s fragrant and sweet. We carry the company’s extensive range, including Marmalade of Manchester and Original Manchester.

dot dà Mhile

Dà Mhile

This independent, award-winning farmhouse distillery in West Wales is exceptional. Their seaweed gin is incredibly popular and winning plaudits. They’re continuing their legacy of making great organic spirits and winning awards.

dot black tomato gin

Black Tomato Gin

Produced in the Netherlands, this gin is made using black tomatoes as well as a few drops of sea water. The gin shows off a fascinating balance between sweet and savoury flavours, and is best with a light tonic and basil. The distillery is one of the rare distillers in the Netherlands that has its own traditional malt stone floor. This is ideal for the sprouting of steeped malting grains. Black tomatoes contain a high amount of healing anthocyanin, and some believe that the antioxidants could help with cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

dot orkney gin

Orkney Gin Company

This is a true artisan, family-run micro distillery in the Orkney Islands. Recently, they’ve seen major success at the Spirits Business Global Gin Masters awards, winning a silver medal for Mikkelmas and gold for their Johnsmas Gin. Look out for their delicious rhubarb gin. Their bathtub style requires ultra small batches to be filtered repeatedly, sampled, and then carefully bottled and labelled by hand. This helps to create two unique seasonal gins with distinct flavours reflecting the Orkney Islands.

dot tappers gin

Tappers Gin

When Liverpudlians visited the Wirral in Edwardian times they often referred to the area as the dark side of the Mersey. The locals in turn would call these day-trippers. Tappers Darkside Gin harks back to this bygone era, using botanicals that reflect the seaside, including red clover, chuckweed, and sea beet. The company have won international awards for these drinks. Each bottle is individually filled, labelled, and wax sealed by hand.

dot Kokoro Gin

Kokoro Gin

Has a fantastic tale to tell and a wonderful family story. A London Dry Gin made with a selection of botanicals that includes fresh Sansho berries which are popular in Japanese cuisine. Is packaged in frosted glass in a tall ,wide bottle with Japanese calligraphy dominating the front. Sweet through peppery Juniper .leading into the subtle spice and citrus y notes of the Sansho berry .A hint of orange pith develops later. Wonderfully versatile and great to experiment.

dot Sharish Gin

Sharish Gin

A new Portuguese Gin produced by Antonio Cuco ..distilled in a traditional copper still it uses a combination of 9 botanicals carefully selected..during the process all the impurities are removed.A smooth Gin with a unique aroma .their recent offering Blue Magic is extraordinary and strongly reccomended.

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dot Isle of Wight Distillery

Isle of Wight Distillery

The Isle of Wights only distillery. All ingredients are handpickedd such as rock samphire and all sourced from the island. 

Their Mermaid Gin is a wonderfully blended .smooth and refreshing Gin, slightly sweet with a touch of sweet pepper and light hints of lemon peel.

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dot Hero

Hero Gin

Handcrafted in small batches for heroes. Double distilled and made with love and passion. Without artificial flavours. Without the addition of sugar. Including the finest locally sourced botanicals, lemon peel, lavender, orange peel and 2 remaining secret botanicals.

dot Burning Bar

Burning Barn Rum

The UK's first smoked Rum cold smoked with local apple wood for a uniquely smoky taste. 

The Spice Rum, for Grown ups ..a massive hit of toasted coconut, vanilla and molasses.smooth rounded. Aromatic allspice, a spike of chilli on the tongue and a long. Warming ginger finish.

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dot Porter's Gin

Porter's Gin

Porters Gin began by combining the passion of the 3 founders for quality food and drink with the aim of making a premium gin..and that has been achieved..its a standout Gin which took years of experimentation with distillation techniques and different botanicals from heather and grass to calamus root sarsaparilla. The result is the perfect fusion of old and new respecting tradition whilst innovating. 

Porters Gin is a superior quality premium Gin with a traditional bold Juniper body and a unique fresh citrus profile.

dot Jensen's Gin

Jensen's Gin

Distilled in Bermondsey and honouring the lost distilleries. Honouring forgotten recipes of an age gone by. 

The Bermondsey Dry is a recreation of a classic old faahioned London Dry. It is an essential Gin for a Dry Martini. With delicate floral and citrus notes. 

The Old Tom Gin recipe was taken from a distillers handbook from the 1940s. Unsweetened and earthy, it has a deep flavour that adds complexity to many drinks. It is our pleasure to be associated with Gin history.

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dot Family of Hounds

Family of Hounds

An Italian Gin created by Andrea and his family after falling in love with Gin on a trip in the British countryside. Created with passion and a truly wonderful Gin. 9 botanicals, including lemon peel, thyme, ginger, coriander, cardamon, pink grapefruit, orange peel lavender & juniper. Distilled 5 times. Loved by all.

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Ramsbury Gin

Ramsbury Gin

We have created a classic London Dry Gin using our own spirit distilled from Horatio wheat,grown in our own fields.We redistill the spirit with botanicals including juniper picked on Salsbury Plain and quince grown in the grounds of the distillery.

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Batch Spirits

Batch Spirits

Distilled using 12 botanicals including Juniper.coriander and lemongrass,with the most unusual however, being frankincense and myrhh.A bold unique gin with flavours to match. 

A super Gin.

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Lost Loch Distillery

Lost Loch Distillery

Located on the historic eastern shore of Loch Auchlossan, Eenoo Gin is distilled with Royal Deeside Honey the flavour profile of this honey is unique to this area and is made up of heather, willow herb and clover pollen. The juniper is sourced from the Italian highlands.then added, liquorice root, orange and lemon peel to give Eenoo a traditional yet smooth fruity profile...water from an ancient spring in the Cairngorms National Park is added to the mix, giving a creamy,smooth and a natural fruitiness.

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John Tony's Gin

An amazing story and a throwback to the Speakeasy days in New York..Evidently John Tony was a barber back in the day.but also a Gin maker..was thrown behind bars.not where you go to drink..the gin recipe was lost .until a bottle was found floating in the river..richly herbacious with thyme and intense wave of lemon balm and pepperry juniper develops..wonderful follow through of liquorice £32.95

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